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July 27th, 2010

Blue Coast Burrito Review:

Murfreesboro, TN  - I love eclectic.  There seems to be no shortage of “different” in Murfreesboro.  It’s great.  Blue Coast Burrito on Memorial Blvd, across the road from Fat Mo’s is the epiphany of eccentric.  Lora and I were in the mood for that kind of “you just gotta try it” place.  Blue Coast Burrito just made sense.

We went against the usual lunch time visit and went for Wednesday dinner.  At 5pm, we beat the church group rush that seems to take over any restaurant it hits.  Inside the door your eye is immediately drawn to the real, very colorful VW bug, filled with inflated beach balls.  I kid you not I was ready to hit the waves… I’ve never surfed in my life.

To the right is the beginning of the order line where very genuinely friendly staff are ready to piece together your order.  Menu entrees ranger from $5.39 – $6.89 making Blue Coast Burrito easy to budget.  I quickly chose the fish tacos because that is too good of a meal to be as scarce as it is in Murfreesboro.  Adding the chips and drink combo is a little extra but well worth it to taste the fruit tea.  Man oh man is this stuff good.  They do something different that I just can’t place.  Whatever it is… Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!!

We finished working through the line in ten minutes (don’t forget the MTSU discount!) and sat next to the bug… stop judging me.  I’m a kid a heart.  Less than two minutes after sitting down, our food was brought to us and my eyes and taste buds began their victory dance.  The fish tacos are tender and juicy.  There’s so much in these tacos they double layered the soft tortillas.

The salsas for the tortilla chips… deserve their own paragraph.  I suggest reading and circling your preference because they are each so different and so good.  The roasted tomato is Blue Coast Burrito’s staple salsa.  Very mild so that even those yankee tongues can handle the flavor.  The tomatillo salsa is… well, green!  It’s a great all around salsa that would be fun for the kids.  I personally would add a little Tobasco just for that extra zing.  The pineapple salsa is one of the most unique I have ever tasted.  Small chunks of pineapple give this one a very fruity taste and is a little spicier as well.  It’s a classified mild but I would consider it a medium.  The salsa rosa is my favorite.  Great explosive flavor on the front end and a Jaws attack of fire at the end (“du dum… du dum… du dum…”).  This heat keeps coming long after you finished the chip.

All around this is a great place.  When I have friends come through town, this is where I want to take them.  Free refills and a great atmosphere make this a great place to come and spend a good hour or more.  The staff really cares about the restaurant and they make sure you enjoy yourself while you are here.  It’s a great place in Murfreesboro to have a good time and get a taste of the coast.  Definitely add this to your “where should I eat tonight?” list.  Enjoy!

Wherever you are…watch out!  Blue Coast Burrito is coming your way.  For more information on the excellent, expanding Franchise contact me at:, or 206-200-3325

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