Franchising Creates Jobs, Opportunity and Business Growth.

May 19th, 2012

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Howmany places do you shop at, utilize services from, do business with or purchase
products from that are franchised businesses?  Our guess is that
franchising plays a major part in your life and that you have spent more time
in franchises than you even realize.
You probably pumped gas or had your car taken care of at a franchise recently
(BP, Chevron, Shell, Midas, Jiffy Lube, etc)
You’ve definitely eaten at a franchise recently (McDonald’s, Chick Fil-A,
Subway, Quizno’s, Edible Arrangements)

You probably stayed at a franchise recently (Hampton Inn, Marriott, Hilton,
Wyndham, Red Roof Inn)

You probably have used franchised services recently (Liberty Tax, ServPro,
H&R Block, Century 21, Jani-King)

Most Franchises are groups of companies that you probably have never heard of
that have 50-100 locations and may have utilized their services.

Franchising is a business model used in more than 70 industries that generates more than
estimated $1.5 trillion in U.S. sales annually.  Franchised businesses
operated 1 million establishments in the United States through 2011, counting
both establishments owned by franchisees and establishments owned by
franchisors.  There are over 4,000 franchisors in the U.S. – franchise
systems in the U.S. average opening 32 units in the first five years in

Franchising Works for the Following Reasons:

Speed of Growth – Move quickly,
expand a business and a brand over large landscapes in short time
periods.  Franchise organizations have the capability of expanding by
hundreds of units in a single year if given the right concept and market

Management – Local franchisees provide caring
management team members who have skin in the game and are motivated to succeed.

Raising Capital – Franchising
allows a business to raise capital without giving up equity in the core

Refinement of Systems – Franchising
perfects and refines systems used in a business model, when a business is
duplicated outside of the corporate operations, the systems, procedures and
operating methods are improved with each new unit.

Maximizing the Entrepreneur’s Skill Set – Many business
owners find themselves “Stuck in the kitchen” of their business – as
the founder of a company, franchising allows for complete utilization of your
skills and talents – you now “coach” as opposed to “work”
in the business.  Franchising allows for the entrepreneur to fully
leverage and take advantage of their unique and valuable skill set.

Buy A Franchise Seattle, Buy A Franchise Bellevue, Buy A Franchise Unlimted, Buy A Franchise Blog

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