Reasons to Work For Yourself

August 28th, 2011

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Here are some excellent reasons and statistics regarding the benefits of working for yourself:

1.  Franchise Growth Expected
to Increase over 20% in 2011.

2. Lack of Jobs Equals Opportunities for Franchise Sales.

3. Franchise Expansion Equals Lowest Cost Expansion Model

4. New Financing Programs Franchise Purchase More Affordable Than Ever.

With the difficult economic landscape and even more trying employment
landscape, the franchise marketplace continues to build interest and relevance.
People who are losing work and being displaced by the downsizing of Corporate
America are all of a sudden forced into entrepreneurship.

Franchising allows people the benefits of business ownership while offering the
safety of a proven business system and a coach to provide guidance and
mentoring in starting a franchised business.

Franchising also allows an organization to expand quickly and develop a solid
brand through motivated entrepreneurship. For example, in 30 years, Subway
opened over 33,000 locations!

New Programs are supporting franchise growth, franchise financing for Military
Veterans, First Time Business Owners and Woman-owned businesses. The United
States is making a shift back towards small business and franchising is the
vehicle that allows people to accomplish this goal and take control of their

There are over 3,000 franchises on the market today for you to choose from – we
can help navigate the process and help you find the right business model for
your needs and personal goals.

Buy A Franchise Unlimited, Buy A Franchise Seattle, Buy a Franchise Bellevue

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