Potato Chips, Business, and Inspiration

December 16th, 2010

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This post is a direct post from Active Rain.  It is inpiring and enjoyable.

Years ago during one of my first seasons away from home in northern New England, a friend invited me home to share a Holiday with her family. When we arrived at the family home I was quick to notice things were a bit different there than in the very modest home I grew up in. There was love there and genuine warmth, no pretense, however the trappings of success couldn’t be missed. Her folks were what I call sturdy hardworking folks with good values, not unlike my own parents in that regard.

On a drive about town the day we arrived I saw the family name was spread about town pretty well. There was a hardware store, real estate, a construction company, an insurance business.

We had a great time. The family gathered, I met many of the siblings and got to know the folks a bit. The evenings were best, sitting around the kitchen table enjoying lively conversation, the four of us. I knew that ‘Mom’ worked at a college, one of New England’s ivy league schools, in food service of all unglamorous things. I would never have asked them story of their success, I didn’t have to. During one of those late evening visits Mr. B. shared with me the modest beginnings of all of it.

When they were starting out, in the years between the end of the Great Depression and World War II opportunity was scarce. They had nothing but dreams and ingenuity at their disposal. They often went on a drive to the nearby beaches on the weekends, it was free entertainment after all. On one trip they had an idea. They would make home made potato chips and take them to the beach about mid day on Saturday and sell them to folks strolling the beach. Potatoes in northern New England, not a problem. The proceeds would feed a savings account that would launch their adventure into business. That business would be real estate. So they began a Saturday ritual of hard work, cooking chips and bagging them in brown paper sacks, home made and delicious at five cents a bag…yes just 5 cents a bag. It was a hit and the means to an end. Potato chips, business, and inspiration.

I don’t recall how many summers they made their chips and took them to the beach. I do know that their efforts did in fact launch a small empire and subsequently sustain a growing family, and in many regards a whole community.

Now they are gone but their legacy remains.

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