Buy A Franchise – Basic Business Concepts Part 2

September 25th, 2010

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This is Part 2 of my 3 part series on Basic Business Concepts:


This is the most accepted version of currency in most people’s minds. In fact, money is used in our common language synonymously with currency. I propose that it is only one currency, albeit the one we trade with in commercial transactions most apparently.

In reality, it’s just the bridge between the caribou and the carrots. I mean, surely people don’t really want a stack of paper. No, they want the carrots if they’ve already got a bunch of caribou. Our forefathers have simply been able to structure a system where the paper can be traded for stuff, and stuff can be traded for paper – and we’re all willing to abide by this trading system.

So a dressmaker is willing to trade one of his dresses for some paper. The landlord is willing to rent part of her space to the dressmaker to display dresses in return for some of his paper. The grocer will accept the landlord’s paper for some carrots – no caribou required.

We all get this one. So if we know that one of the currencies that businesses desire is money, then our products and services must be able to help our customers gain more money. It seems simple but I’m not sure we have that goal firmly in mind when we illustrate our wares.

However, just like the system of trading stuff for paper is simple, so is the concept that we need to show our customers how they can gain more money by doing business with us. The better we can communicate that message, the more attractive our goods and services will be to our desired customers.

(Buy a Franchise, Seattle Franchise, Bellevue Franchise)

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