Buy A Franchise – Basic Business Concepts – Part 1

September 23rd, 2010

(Buy A Franchise, Seattle Franchise, Bellevue Franchise).

If you are looking to start your Franchise in the Seattle, Bellevue  areas, as well as anywhere in the country, these basic business concepts apply to Franchises in all areas.  I will address this in a short 3 part Franchise series.

Every Franchise system should have a clear understanding of the following concepts. In addition, they should have a clear marketing strategy to help their Franchisees communicate to customers and prospects about how they will deliver these currencies as they operate their Franchise.


Give something to get something. Our inhabited globe has come a long way since the act of trade meant that ‘I’ll give you one caribou if you give me three baskets of carrots and a cord of wood’. However, that same basic tenet still drives all economic transactions. Value for value is the test. If we can create more value then we can get more value back when we auction ours. The only difficulty is that the definition of value is ever-changing. Therefore it would make sense that if we can figure out who defines value, we will be able to create and deliver more of it.

Remember from the discussion about Basic Franchise Business Concepts that… ‘It’s all about the customer’. So if we accept that it’s all about the customer then it follows that the customer is the beast that defines value. Seems simple. Seems basic. Seems unchallengeable.

O.K. so how do we figure out what the customer defines as value? It seems to make sense that we need to find ways to ask the customers that we choose to serve. We need to ask them to define what they find more and more valuable. We also need to accept that the definition of today will not be the same definition of tomorrow. At some point, somebody figured out that the customer wanted a fatter caribou, and if a fatter caribou was delivered, then four baskets of carrots and some extra wood could be obtained. They probably asked the carrot guy.

Study of business customers in today’s world will reveal that there are some basic currencies of trade that hold value for the customer. Understanding these basic currencies will help to define the specific methods and characteristics that are required of the product or service you provide to meet the value definition of your customer.

(Buy A Franchise, Seattle Franchise, Bellevue Franchise)

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