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Buy a Franchise Unlimited – Seattle’s Best Coffee

December 24th, 2014

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Business and Description: The franchisor is Seattle’s Best Coffee (SBC), a subsidiary of Starbucks Corporation. SBC franchises retail cafes and kiosks specializing in the sale of proprietary Seattle’s Best Coffee brand coffee beverages and related products. SBC also sells coffee and related specialty products at wholesale and by mail order.

Franchise Offer: The franchises offered are retail cafes, kiosks and drive-thrus to be operated under the franchisor’s business and operating procedures. SBC Cafes are typically located in central business districts, office buildings, urban/residential “store-front” locations, specialty shopping centers, colleges and universities, and major transportation hubs such as highway travel plazas, major airports, train stations and ferry terminals. SBC Kiosks are typically located in malls, office buildings or other alternative locations experiencing high pedestrian traffic. SBC Drive-thrus are typically located on high vehicle traffic corridors that can also leverage multiple business generators such as retail districts-large corporate facilities, institutions (i.e. school campus. federal /state/city buildings, hospitals and tourist attractions.

Financial Assistance: SBC does not offer direct or indirect financing nor does it guaranty the franchisee’s notes, leases or other obligations.

Training and Assistance: The franchisee (or an operations manager or other representative designated by the franchisee and approved by the franchisor) must successfully complete the required Franchise Business Management Training Program at least 15 weeks prior to the opening of the franchisee’s first SBC Unit. Each person who successfully completes this program will be designated as an “SBC Certified Franchise Business Manager.” The Franchise Business Management Training Program consists of learning experiences conducted in an SBC Certified Training Café. This is typically conducted at corporate headquarters and SBC Certified Training Cafes in Seattle, Washington, or other locations as the franchisor may designate. At least one management employee for each SBC Unit developed must successfully complete the required SBC Advanced Cafe Training (ACT) program prior to the opening of an SBC Unit. Each person who successfully completes the ACT Program will be designated as an “SBC Certified Manager.” Also, for each SBC Unit, a management employee and six or more other employees must complete the Barista Basics Training program (Barista Basics) prior to opening the franchisee’s first SBC Unit. SBC may periodically conduct an annual conference, convention or training session, and if it does, it will determine its duration, curriculum and location. The franchise (or an Operations Manager designated by the franchisee) and the managers of each SBC Unit must attend each annual conference, convention or additional training session.

Territory: The franchisee may only operate the SBC Unit from or at the location the franchisor has accepted and may not relocate the SBC Unit without prior written consent, which SBC is not obligated to grant. The franchisee will not receive an exclusive territory. The franchisee may face competition from other franchisees, from outlets owned by SBC, or from other channels of distribution or competitive brands SBC controls.

Term of Agreement and Renewal: The length of the initial franchise term is 10 years from the date of commencement of operation of the SBC Unit. There is one renewal term of 10 years available for each SBC Unit.

Obligations and Restrictions: The SBC Unit must at all times be under the direct on-premises supervision of the franchisee or another SBC Certified Manager whom the franchisee designates to have primary responsibility for its operation. The franchisee must maintain the required number of ACT program certified managers on staff. The franchisee may offer for sale only products and menu items that meet the franchisor’s standards and that have been approved in writing. The franchisee also must offer for sale all menu items that the franchisor specifies in the Manual or otherwise in writing.

Buy A Franchise Seattle, Buy A Franchise Bellevue, Buy A Franchise Unlimited, Buy A Franchise Blog, Buy A Franchise Info

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Showhomes Franchise – Avoid at all Costs!

December 17th, 2014

If you are considering the Purchase of a Showhomes Franchise, I recommend you avoid this Franchise Model at all costs!

Not only am I a Certified Franchise Broker, but I was a Showhomes Franchisee (for a very short period of time).

Shortly after executing my Franchise Agreement and purchase of the Franchise, the executive management team at Showhomes retracted from several contractual commitments that had been carefully negotiated by legal teams on both sides, as a pre-requisite to the Showhomes Franchise purchase.

After this derogatory activity by Showhomes, their Franchise Model was promptly removed from the Franchise Brokers Association Database.

If you are currently engaged with any of the members of the Showhomes Franchise team, whether you are a Franchise Broker or a potential Franchisee, as a Certified Franchise Broker I  recommend that you Run, not Walk away from this Franchisor while you still can!  More to follow on future posts.

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Wayback Burgers Just Opened in Bellevue, Washington

December 16th, 2014

  • Nov 6, 2014 at 10:00AM updated at 1:40PM
The Triple Triple Burger started as a novelty item on Wayback Burgers

The Triple Triple Burger started as a novelty item on Wayback Burgers’ menu, but stayed due to demand. The first franchise in Washington opened up Oct. 30 at the Evergreen Village in Bellevue.

— Image Credit: Brandon Macz

It’s another fast-food first for Bellevue and Washington with the opening of Wayback Burgers in the Evergreen Village.

Ironically located in a 2,000-square-foot space formerly occupied by a health store at the shopping center on 140th Avenue Northeast, business is going well for Wayback Burgers since its Oct. 30 soft opening, said franchisee Ben Lee.

Wayback Burgers started in Delaware as Jake’s Hamburgers in 1991, going national in 2009. With 86 stores nationally, Lee’s Wayback Burgers is the first to open in Washington. As a certificate holder of CPA-Inactive, Lee decided to open the restaurant as a side business, but is now considering more franchise locations.

The franchise boasts about its fresh-made hamburgers and hand-dipped milkshakes, but customers here, as they have across Wayback’s 86 restaurants nationally, will likely be attracted by the triple-triple burger, a behemoth of nine hamburger patties and slices of American cheese.

“It was basically a novelty piece that we put up there,” said Mark Biccum, corporate trainer for the Bellevue restaurant, but it has since become a fairly popular order by hearty eaters and those looking to share.

“There are some people who try to do it just by themselves,” Lee said.

Wayback Burgers is located at 1645 140th Ave. N.E.

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